Grouse Hunting the Frozen North

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Levi at the hunt

by Joel Schnell for Ruffed Grouse Minnesota

An early December snow meant finding a hunting cover South of the big snow zone. Even just a foot of snow makes for an exhausting walk.

Leaving footprints

Winter hunts for grouse mean searching for the cover that a ruffed grouse may hide under- fallen trees, conifers, deep snow drifts.

Levi had a blast

We kept our silent search to an hour. Levi investigated a number of snow roosts that held birds previously, but none were found this day.


It was a nice break from cabin fever. Quiet and beautiful. I had a dog that slept for a day just to recoup. And so we said goodbye to Minnesota’s grouse season 2019. It’s gone by so fast. As Levi naps beside me, he yips and runs his legs, hunting grouse in his dreams.

By Joel Schnell

Posted October 23, 2019.

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