js_DSC_1965_20151113Joel Schnell – Photographer provides editorial and commercial photography. He is Photographer, 3M On-Location Services at Snap36, a 1Worldsync Company.  360/3D Photographer and Manager at the 3M campus. Producer for product e-commerce imagery based upon customer needs and expectations using robotic camera system. Works with 3M designee to coordinate projects and product delivery to 3M approved style guides. Imports merchandise and format to spin software specifications. Manager of post production workflow. Calibrates and maintains robotic system. Communicates with customers and develops positive relationships with Snap36. Seeks to identify and cultivate account growth opportunities.

Past work includes portrait and food shooter for Tiger Oak Media’s 17+ Magazines. He has over 10 years experience photographing the industry-leading Black and Decker Home DIY books. Provider of rich content demonstrating the brands of Northern Tool + Equipment. Versatile product photographer for Fingerhut catalogs illustrating room sets, brand environments, apparel, and soft styled accessories. Director of photography on DSLR motion projects.

Joel is based in North Saint Paul, MN. When not tethered to a camera, interests include his Northwoods cabin, muscle cars and snowmobiles, and canoe camping.
Please contact for additional samples of my work or for a project estimate. Phone: six one two, three eight four, 0413.