Covering Ground in Grouse Country

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Levi riding in style

By Joel Schnell

for Ruffed Grouse Minnesota

As a foot-pounder grouse hunter, I have a love/hate relationship with ATV’s. When they keep the old forest walking roads clear of brush and trees ahead of me, it’s love. When I find them where they aren’t supposed to be on a walking-only trail, well, not so much.

I’ve always been a walking hunter. But I snowmobile too, and enjoy a trail ride. When my projects on the hunting land required a workhorse, I figured why not try it for hunting too.

I had to build a platform for the kennel. And with some ratchet straps we were ready to ride. The gun rides in a hard case strapped on front. I have more than a few old trails in mind. I could use a lift to get past the first mile where everyone else hunts.

I have to trailer to get to my spots, and my first attempt was foiled by a washed-out road. But soon we got to the second spot, rode back and parked, and hit some fresh cover on foot.

The experience generally worked out. 

Dealing with the trailer is a bit of a pain, and takes some extra time loading up. Also, Levi’s not so eager to get back in the kennel once he’s out.

So I’ll still hit most of my covers on foot. The ATV will just let me mix it up a bit and hit more areas.

selfie in orange

I’ve been troubled by the major decline in the grouse population in my regular covers. One way or another, I need to find new ground. Now I have just the tool to do that.

Until next season I’ll keep the buggy moving on the firewood and driveway gravel. And I won’t miss huffing and puffing walking around with a chainsaw in hand.

Love at first sight

Just kidding.

Saw this thing at Gamefair.

But ya know, it would haul a couple dogs and a buddy to some seriously grousy spots…

By Joel Schnell

Posted March 11, 2020.

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